Lovely walk round a deserted golf course this afternoon.

Just because Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation it doesnt stop me and tilly from getting out in the woodlands.
The weather in Berkshire is bright and sunny with some lovely winds blowing just the right weather for a game of golf you would think, but where are the golfers? i am not joking our local course is empty,would you believe that on a sunday of all days.
We had a lovely walk through the woods which had more people and horses than the golf course,maybe because the woodland is free and the game of golf cost money is my theory, i can honestly say what a difference in people numbers this week something is not adding up here, last year the local courses were rammed with people.
Anyway it was great walking the outskirts of the course,the winds were strong enough to keep the trees blowing and allowing easy access to the fence-line where lots of golf balls were laying,my bag was full within the hour and it was then i headed for home.
We shall return before dusk to clear our field and just hope the snake has gone for the night


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