Seem to be a few snakes in the grass

We took a drive to the country today and had a look round a couple of courses, it was amazing to find so many Calloway balls, it is very unusual to go to a course and walk away with so many of a certain brand, obviously the golfers who play this course know what ball suits there style and pocket and are happy with it.

We headed home early afternoon and tilly was obviously quite happy with having travelled to new surroundings and was very happy to leave her scent everywhere it seems, back to our local course which had about 20+ players mid afternoon we soon started retrieving some good Nike..Calloway & Titleist with my bag full it was home time.

I unloaded my haul and to my amazement the deep large oval bucket is full yet again, i cannot believe in a week we have managed to find such numbers of branded golf balls, it was also good to see Ice Balls making a return appearance and Golden Bear featured well along with Pinnacle race for life and other Cancer Research logo’s.

What do we now do with so many golf balls it is quite obvious Ebay has had its day as far as golf balls go, i just finished 1 & 3 day listings that have produced no interest at all except from a Lake Ball Retrieval Company wanting to buy them all, if i was dependant on the likes of Ebay tilly would have starved  to death it seems, but i am not i do this as a hobby when i am not working in my job which takes me away from home for long periods then i return home for a week or two before heading away again, i canot believe nobody wants very cheap golf balls and find it hard that people disgard them so easily, but thats life it seems.

Vending machines i have removed 3 machines due to poor location basically putting them where i could, the company i brought them from promised me this and that “were with you all the way” wont hold you to any supplier and blah blah well they keep mailing me telling me how great there site finding service is to find new locations for a simple £10 per site fee so i asked if they would find 3 sites…..there response was when you buy from us you can use our site finder service? er excuse me i brought machines and stock from you and then found another company selling cheaper giving more in return with a much varied selection so i buy fromyou and them both which makes perfect sense… my thumbs down goes to Salysol based in Newport for a couple of reasons being price and not been taken seriously,also i asked for a change in coin mechanism for a machine to vend ping pong balls at 50p it took 3 months to get a response to be told do i still want the coin change doing, not good business ethics one little bit. I am quite happy buying my stock from Tubz Brands who offer a very good range and cheaper prices and who will site any number of machines i need at the same money….just be careful who you buy from seems to be the motto these days.

What do you do when your stood in a field with very long grass and feel something quite heavy slithering over your boot? i looked down to see this rather large black snake slither over my foot and it seemed to start to crawl up my leg, i was on my toes pretty dam quick thinking the field could be full of these nasty creatures the adrenalin was pumping and yes i was frightened as tilly was up field having a nose round,god that wasnt nice as it was black and fairly big, imagine had i been picking up a ball?…..will i sleep tonight or have nightmares? will let you know tomorrow…goodnight all

This really could be me in the future playing the snake charmer….happy days.


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