Where have all the golfers gone.

After a visit to the vet i took tilly-miss back to the golf course for a look round and for tilly to have a good run,we encountered the baby deer being moved by its mother to a safe keeping shelter for the night,the mother was very nervous of us watching and she never held back for long before they were away across the field to bed down safely for the night.
Tilly had seen the vet after loosing a lot of blood this morning and i was in panic mode and had to get her seen asap,but it seems things were not so bad and after a few squeezes here and there the problem was solved (hopefully) 1 pack of Stronhold for keeping the mites and fleas at bay and 1 injection (Booster) to last the year come with a bill for £81
which i paid with great satisfaction,at least i know tilly is ok and covered.

So to the golf course : Its early evening with a little overcast light drizzle but a nice time for a game? you must be joking where are the golfers

Nobody but tilly and myself in this direction

And from this direction

Just me and my dog along with mother father and baby deer resting !


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