Deserted local golf courses.

Had a ride round last night to checkout local courses and to gauge how many car parking spaces were available at the courses.
I was amazed to find not any of the local courses were busy and infact 3 courses had no cars and nobody on there course.
My next door course was empty apart from 1 car that obviously belonged to the barman serving his special offer reduced beer at £2:20 per pint,but that obviously had no bearing on attracting players to the clubhouse as there was a complete empty course and that was early evening around 1800hrs.
The very posh side of Berkshire boasts Burnham Beeches golf club with there entry gate on a card system sadly for them there was nothing or even life on the course as we proceeded to search certain areas.
What is interesting thou is the emergence of lesser known brands of golf balls, Dunlop…Slazenger…Top-flite…Pinnacle…turning up like never before,bearing in mind these clubs have always prided themselves on Titleist ProV….? Is this telling us something?….has the bubble started to burst with finances? is the squeeze taking its grip? is the nagging wife stopping the cravet man from playing with his flash over-priced toys?….all the signs are there, i have also noticed that the local ex vets group who played 3 times per week are now only playing 1 game per week?….i will keep watching the attendance figures on courses and will keep watch on the various brands of balls being retrieved as this could be very interesting figures for the summer ahead.
Tilly-Miss has to go back to the vet this afternoon,whilst i was out this morning i noticed she was bleeding from her rear end and it was quite heavy,i took her to the vet but they were closing and reception told me the vet had left a few minutes earlier so i am back at 3:45 when they open,at present the bleeding has stopped and she seems fine,tilly is eating and chasing round and doesnt seem to be bothered but to be sure i will get her checked over.


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