James Bond & Calvin Klein Golf Balls.

Taking a walk round the course before dark picking up lots of golf balls i was quite surprised to come across this one

Tilly retrieved this Calvin Klein ball in some very long grass and was obviously very delighted with the find as i was shown the happiness with her jumping and dancing for a few minutes before dropping it nearby.

Tonight i was a little spooked to see that someone has been through the woodland armed with a powerful gun, rabbits have been blasted and left on the footpath with large holes through them,it looks like a .22 bullet gun has been used.
I am concerned for the safety of tilly who roams the woodland at her own leisure and also for the safety of golfers who could be caught out as the person responsible is firing direct in to the path of golfers, i am going to talk to the police about this and to the golf course,the woodland is so overgrown its possible that the mystery sniper could mistake tilly-miss for a fox or at worst a golfer could be injured with a stray shot.
Update on the baby deer all is ok and they are reunited as a family,the mother has again moved the little one away for the night and i will be back in the morning to check progress.


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