So many golf balls being found.

I arrived back to the uk on friday early morning after a flight from Frankfurt.
I had been on a long road trip that had taken me to Nice in the south of France through to Bolognia in Italy then to Copenhagen and then to Stockholm in Sweden then the long drive through to Frankfurt and a welcome flight back to the UK.
I managed to crawl from my bed and knew what was in store for me,after a couple of cups of lovely Tetley and a shower i was ready to head to the woodlands tilly -miss was eager to get there and it was lovely to walk amongst the still and quiet woodland that has so much to offer, i witnessed my very first badger which was a huge size and which i am very pleased never caught the eye of tilly,we also come across Mr & Mrs Roe Deer these 2 are so close to each other it has to be true love as they never leave each other, i like to keep track of them both and always look forward to seeing them,they have a vast area to keep them busy yet they always seem to be close to wherever we are.
Golf balls have been in great supply,we walked for 30 minutes and in this short time retrieved these from the towpath area.

We then hit the woodland copse and just couldnt believe the amount we found,just wasnt expecting so many and these included so many ProV Balls in perfect condition.

Our stock pile is growing very quickly once again, i have just been taking a look at what we have and it is getting frightening, i can be sure that my lovely wife is soon to blow hot and cold anytime.


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