600 Golf Balls sold.

Treet for tilly-miss over the holiday and beer money for me to enjoy a few pints.
Had a buyer call this morning and he just left very happy, i am now going to get Stronghold for tilly and a nice bit of fresh mince.

I brought a golf ball retriever from Ebay a week ago,decided to try it a couple of days ago whilst in the stinging nettles as it is a great tool for saving arms and hands getting stung….guess what within minutes of using it the dam thing broke one of the lugs that operate the gripper

I have contacted the company and told them the sad story of what has happened, i am now waiting for there answer and outcome, so i will keep you updated on progress.
I use the ball scoop for the nettles and hard to get places when tilly-miss takes of in a chase for bugs bunny and the squirrel i can get in to the hedges etc.

Going to fit a machine in Maidenhead now then tomorrow i head to Newbury and Cirencester for machine fittings so busy busy me.
Have a great easter everyone and enjoy the family days,the weather and the pub.


One Response to “600 Golf Balls sold.”

  1. plenty1 Says:

    The company are replacing the ball retriever and should be here any day, top marks for excellant customer service.

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