Golfers get these in your bag

More sweet arrivals to quench your thirst whilst walking the course and pondering will you ever hole in one.

Delicious jelly beans….toblerone & rolo mini bars…chocolate eggs..delicious bon bons all from the machine.

This week will see machines moved from certain outlets to busier places we have taken long enough to trial each venue in the pub trade
and some outlets simply are not doing as well as others,we have very good performing pub and club trade that will require refilling at very fast rates.
I took on the option of the machines to vend golf balls and i have the choice of what i put in the machines mix and match with sweets has been fantastic without any shadow of doubt and it is a shame golf courses have not bothered taking up the option of the machine.
The golf ball will stay in the machine as always planned but sweet vending is now playing a large part of what i am doing and the mix and match option will continue.
I am going back over to meet friends in Luxembourg who are fascinated by the sweet range,so we intend organising a big push of sweet vending in bars and office workplaces as my friends own bars and cigarette outlets they are well known in the large banking offices so hopefully build on the venture in the summer.
I am very grateful to the pubs who helped out with the machines and wish them well in the future.
Golf Balls will now be sold in large numbers rather than odd and sods,i have a number of people who wish to purchase in high volumes which suits me fine as long as tilly-miss is rewarded with enough to buy her Stronghold for protection and her bags of treats that is all we really care about.


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