Dont ever show your balls to a golfer.

Beautiful weather ideal for a long leisurly stroll at your own pace whilst hoping to improve your game, but sadly not the case in berkshire where we visited 3 courses to find dwindling numbers taking up the chance for a game.

I have my own reservations on this issue and it all has to do with the money which these people have or do not have,and believe you me there are loads of them driving round in swanky motors playing the part,dont get me wrong many of the berkshire folk do have considerable wealth and i live very close to so many who have worked very hard to get where they are and can afford to run there lovely Bentley and Rolls-Royce and i am very pleased for them and sometimes wish i was as fortunate,but i am fortunate in so many other ways that money doesnt buy.
The courses are suffering and people are watching the pennies not turn in to pounds so Golf visits must stop as the wife puts her foot down.
I am noticing less golf balls coming through our 2 fields and through our woodland walkways and what is coming through is not that great,this time last year we would easily pull in 600+ in the week now we are lucky to see a smidge on that.
So we carry on regardless and whatever happens i will carry on walking and retrieving all the golf balls we can so one day i can trade my reliant robin in for something a little bit better.
Something else i notice Dunlop and Top-Shite along with loads of other name brands being played, take my word for it when the dough gets tight they start buying all the cheaper balls,but keep the same cravat and expensive ponsy jumper on.
Golfers dont ever show your balls,its the quickest way to make or loose a friend.


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