Deer in the woodlands.

Taking a walk through the woods tonight on our quest for more golf balls,we found more than we bargained for, 2 lovely deer roaming the area.
Lat night we were on the far side of the woods and we met another 3
which were grazing,sadly i left my camera at home and regret not having it with me as the deer were within yards of me and would have made fantastic pictures,so this evening i decided to take my camera and see what i might capture, sure enough we came across these 2 resting but they were soon on the move with tilly-miss in pursuit without any chance of catching them.

So many golf balls retrieved in the last few days that Ebay will be busy
as we are listing loads of them,we are going to do the supermarket trick “Buy a ball get another one free” on selected brands which will give golfers a very good deal.
We will advertise them in lots of 5 balls get 5 free and put them through auction from 99p get bidding people this is a bargain and who knows you might win the bid at 99p
We have so many despite clearing 3000 in the last week that we need to get them moving since thursday we have brought in over 240 all selling names that are or should be sold as brand new.
Next week i am selling of our ProV Balls through Ebay some are good some are badly scuffed and some are in mint condition,so keep a watch for them or if you want to mail me please do i am happy to put an order together.


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