Keep walking walking walking.

Just no rest with tilly-miss at the moment as she has found herself a couple of promising new locations for rabitts,we were out this morning for over 2 hours then were back again early afternoon and then as i settle to watch a bit of rubbish tv she plonks herself right in front of me starring me out,i know full well what she is after so away we go back out on the course where she heads straight to some lovely freshly dug holes which she sticks her nose down and waits and waits which now at this time the darkness is falling very quickly,1 brave bunny pops out from another very small hole and tilly as quick as lightning has the poor thing firmly locked in her jaws,within seconds it is all over and with the rabitt firmly held she trotts off and buries it,quite amazing to watch her in action.
Besides all the walking it has been busy for me to find time to sort a lot of golf balls for people, i have just now put the last of the orders in to the wash giving them time overnight to have a good soaking to get all the muck of them as lots of them are covered in god knows what.
Whilst sorting through the hoardes of balls i come across these proV Balls when counted they amounted to 157 and after this evenings walk round the figure increased to 162 there are lots in a bad way with paint chips but an awful lot that are in mint condition.

Tomorrow will see the same as today out walking walking walking,is it any wonder i am tired…goodnight all.


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