Golf ball orders starting to arrive.

Has been a very good couple of weeks regarding golf ball interest,lots of enquiries that i am sure will generate good sales and keep tilly-miss active i just hope the sun doesnt shine to much as this has an effect on tilly,she gets rather lazy when the heat is on.

Have been getting interest from Scotland golf course regarding the Vending machine this particular course wants to buy a machine so they can place there retrieved golf balls to earn a few pounds, our pub machines are doing very well and better than expected,the sweet range has added the extra touch to them all and we shall soon add some lovely new brands to compliment the range,after all who can resist a Rolo or Toblerone?
Lots of NXT Balls needed for an order,ProV Balls in any condition for a big ball buyer,Calloway and Mixed lots for another,we have them all here its just getting round to sorting them all out as this takes a lot of time and effort.
Tilly has been of huge interest to a global vending company,our site stats have seen them climbing all over any pages that feature the golf ball doggie? next they will be wanting to buy my dog which will never happen,but it is nice to know we are keeping someone amused.
Sleep well and goodnight everybody.


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