So Many Srixon Golf Balls.

Clearing the field we have again hoovered up a large haul which consisted mainly of Srixon (what is that telling us?) cannot complain as they are brand spankers with a bit of mud as extra.
There was calloway & titleist, top shite by the bucket load and many various brands that nobody will ever want to buy but we will hold them just in case (again one hit wonders brand new)
The field is a wash with brand new balls there has been sighting of prov balls in our scoop but no time to sort them as yet, had a call from a friendly golf ball seller looking to purchase a lot of top end stuff for his carboot which starts next month,so i told him to call round and place the money on the table and help himself,which i am sure he will do.
Exceptional day at berkshire course on tuesday the place was packed with golfers and i mean packed,hopefully they helped fill the field.
Another machine is going in to a pub in Berkshire which will feature our mix & match of sweets and golf balls, tilly’s article from the Sun newspaper sits proudly on the bar area….more fame for the doggie.


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