Nobody spending money on golf items.

Have been testing the water on Ebay placing bits and bobs for golf balls and must say things are not looking good.
I have placed ProV Balls along with Srixon & Calloway on various offers
including 12 ProV Balls for 0.99p on 10 day,3 day, & 1 day listings the highest number of viewings for the 10 day listing 15 wtf is this all about.
Last year putting 3 or 4 proV balls on at that price would have brought double figures and a definate sale and enquiries for more,something just not right here.
Is ebay really doing what it should? are people just holding on to there money?
We even advertised 12 ProV Balls in mint condition and asked just for the postage paid and that had negative response,that was a 10 day listing that returned 4 viewings?
I could have lost a good few quid had i chosen the option of “BUY IT NOW” it would have cost me money.
Keeping away from that site for a month or so, then lets see how it performs.


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