Lots of clearing to be done.

Tomorrow we are back in the field to clear and hoover up 100s of new and used golf balls kindly left for us by the golfing fraternity,there will be new ones and used ones,shiny ones and very dull ones,top selling names and lesser known names in various colours which we shall clear throughout the day.
Have been busy today sorting the last of the balls for Estonia,my golf ball man Simi will be in for a nice treat as there are so many brand spanking new balls in the lot, i have also added anything that has ink marks as i want to start offering excellant clean golf balls that look and feel like new.
What a surprise to unearth a bag buried away which has over 80 Titleist ProV Balls, i never even knew it was there which was a great surprise, some are very good and some have slight paint scuffs but good enough to vend in our machine for £1 which is great value considering what the golf course will charge.
We have in stock a huge amount of the Titleist range and the DT ball is growing more by the day, loads of Calloway and Srixon available along with Ultra & Pinnacle to name a few, all Top-Flite and Dunlop and Maxfli and Black Diamond along with so many other brands are in the sacks for shipment as these are not our best selling balls which there is no point in holding on to,we couldnt even give them away on Ebay,we will from now mainly concentrate on the top end selling balls.
A good week for Tilly-Miss who again has featured in Chat magazine giving her more publicity and a nice cheque to keep her healthy and well fed which is appreciated and will go towards more Stronghold protection as the weather warms up and the fleas gather from the fox dens and badger lair which tilly likes to investigate on a daily basis.


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