Caught in the act.

I got home early evening from a journey that passed through Serbia,Budapest,Hungary,and a flight from Frankfurt to London.
The lovely evening sun and my loyal companion tilly-miss was eager for a visit to the local course despite having been walked earlier by my wife,so through the woods and heading to the field i noticed a golfer walking the wrong way against play,he was keeping close to the fence boundary of our field,strange i thought and walked directly towards his trolley knowing full well he had jumped the fence,and there he was crouched on his knees picking up a few golf balls that lay scattered round him.
What do you think your up to i asked,your nicking my balls? you never seen anyone more shocked and surprised than he was,he jumped up so fast he caught his head on barbed wire which must have hurt him, ooh i shot a ball over and thought i would find it, i brought these new clubs and they are not doing very well with position, so i say you brought new clubs and now cannot afford to buy any balls? would you mind if i just grab these and i am sorry, i say to him that is £5 for what you have there the choice is yours? i call the police and have you nicked for trespass and theft and you also get a criminal record, what is it going to be, i will give you a minute to find the answer and we walked away knowing he was scared and injured but he had to be told, i dont have any money on me was his reply, i was now laughing to myself and shouted back at him to stay where he was and take what he wanted as i was in a good mood, just a shame i had left my camera at home his face was a picture.

This is the 1st ball this morning we landed within 30 seconds of being in woods

And the last of the morning walkabout brought this beauty

37 very good balls including brand new Titleist DT Ball and Taylor-Made were in our 2nd field this morning which made a good start to the day.


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