Worn out and need a few pints.

Such a busy time sorting golf balls today, i have to get the balls organised for the journey to Estonia,first of all i have to get them to Birmingham where they are then placed in to scrap cars being exported then the journey to the golf ball seller taking about 1 week when i get an email saying they have arrived.
After the sorting of balls tilly-miss wanted to be back in the woods so we walked for miles through woodlands finally getting home some 3hrs later than planned.
We had an amazing haul of balls from the hedges and woods, it is amazing how far those golf balls travel,but we are not complaining.

As you can see we now have so many we have to split them in to 2 bags and there is more to come which have to be sorted.

On top of all what is happening we have to contend with sorting machines

I am the master of my own destiny,worn out and completly shattered in need of a holiday but first of all i have to go to Serbia next week and then Moscow is already booked for May,so somewhere between those dates i need to find a bar in the sun for some rest and relaxation


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