Cleared the field of over 200 balls, now we have to sort them.

What a day to go clearing the field,it was pouring when we arrived and i felt like turning round a going home but it had to be done before the local thieves and do as you likies decided to go and take them all.
200 IS A ROUGH ESTIMATE and we have probably left that amount in the thorn bushes and hedgerow and shall probably return for these tomorrow at some stage.
There was as you can imagine lots of brand names to choose but the balls that caught my eye were Calloway & Srixon they were everywhere,we also had some very good ProV Balls in the process.
It is amazing how many balls have buried in to the lawn in the field i will have to take a hand fork next time to prize them out,usually tilly will go to work and dig them out for me but a few rabitts caused her some distraction and she wasnt going to let her chance slip away,so i had to do everything on my own whilst she was having fun at the rabitt hole’s.
Having to sort this lot will take a few hours anything that looks worn will go in the bin any ball with inking will go towards our stock for Estonia.
The last couple of days have at least helped me sort the good from not so good golf balls, we are trying to distance ourselves from ink marked golf balls and provide only the best woodland retrieved golf ball
that a golfer will be proud to buy,its not easy and its hardwork washing cleaning and inspecting a ball for damage then posting and hoping it reaches its destination,this is why we now send every order through a track and trace Barcode ID Tracking Service,once you have paid for your order we then post your order then we contact you through email with your own Tracker ID you can then call the Post Office enter the number and track the progress to your door,but remember you will have to sign for the item as the final process,how many other suppliers offer that as standard,this also proves we do our task properly and our proof of posting.
I missed St Patricks night yesterday and intend to make up for it tonight with a pint of this

Followed by a couple more

How will i feel in the morning ?


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