Is this the golf ball that brought down the American Banks.

Couldnt believe my luck when tilly-miss brought out this golf ball from the hedgerow this morning.

We all know about the banking scandals and high banking bonuses and of course the infamous “Freedie Mac” who helped create a large slice of the problem.

And there is the proof on a Titleist ProV1 Ball found not in America but in the wilds of Buckinghamshire England.

It has been a busy few days since i returned from Bolognia Italy,lots of walking in the lovely sunny days that greeted my return and tilly-miss even happier that she can now have her freedom of the woodlands once again.

The picture will not lie and i estimate there is close to 600 mixed golf balls that are on route to Estonia once i have finished sorting out everything that has to go, if there is an ink mark or scuff or damaged writing from the name brand its got to go, i am also clearing titleist brands along with Dunlop and Top- Shi** (sorry i just have a horrible feeling of that ball) along with numerous other brand names.

My back is hurting and feeling worn out as it has been a very busy day so that is your lot for now i am going to rest.

Scraggie was back last night early evening looking for his dinner, the fox was on my lawn and tilly-miss was watching from the kitchen window it was quite funny as they both sat looking at each other for ages its a good job there was a glass window between them both.


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