What happened to the Penfold Golf Ball.

Going back to when i was a young man me and my brothers used to walk to a local golf course at weekends to find golf balls which we would then sell to golfers or take them to the pro shop who in turn would give us a few shillings and if we were lucky we would also get a cold drink or ice cream for our efforts.
We would walk for miles often walking round the course twice scouring the woodland and hedgerow in search of any golf ball,i can always remember the Penfold golf ball at that time it was one of my favourite to find ball,having the heart stamped it was something magical that really fascinated me and i remember going home with that particular ball and giving it to my mum,it meant a lot to give my mum a special present as a child,whether mum was happy with an unusual present will never be known,probably not as the good hidings never seemed to stop,but those were the days and the memories are always there.

Nearly 6 years we have been supplying golf balls from courses to golfers in the uk and europe and have only ever come across 1 ball with the heart logo,what has happened to the company i know they still produce from there outlet in Birmingham,but it seems very strange in all that time we have only found 1 of there famous brand ball.
Come on golfers we cannot let this great golf ball maker slip away from the uk get out to your local shop and buy a pack of the famous heart it is a ball i cherish happy memories with in this fast changing world.
Do you have any happy stories about the Penfold Golf Ball,if so let us hear your story.


One Response to “What happened to the Penfold Golf Ball.”

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