Its Friday lets moan about this and that.

Can anyone please tell me why on earth would you want to play a ball like this

Try as hard as you like to spot the ball laid in the grass and believe me you will be looking forever,as we all know its a glow in the dark ball
and no wonder it ended up in a pile of horses dung.

Out and about today and it was evident the most irratating ball ever made was being used by many golfers,there can only be one nasty cheap looking ball that does not weather well in the winter or summer and that is Top-Flite or in my opinion Top-S*** i loathe finding that crap but for some reason its very popular,would the reason be because it is cheaper and nastier than any other?
Its Friday and usually a local course thrives with every man woman and child all eager to have a game but today there is no more than 4 groups on the entire course, i was talking to a couple playing and they told me they had each paid £18 for the round they also brought some golf balls and soft drink costing another £7 goodness knows how they do this,if it was me i would sneak through the hole in the fence and wait until the coast was clear and then start playing saving me £25 in to the bargain.
High time this country got back to basics and value for many in the £ many will suffer and like a chain reaction providers of leisure services will be first on the miss list,surely its far better to charge less and have good visitor numbers than charging stupid high prices and have nobody,reducing the admission price then allows a visit to the shop and the bar or restaurant.

Were out again this afternoon and then afterwards i am out for a few beers to relax myself after another busy week,tilly-miss was very good today,she has been pulling some very good proV balls


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