Lots of golf balls thanks to the ladies playing.

Just like a child playing in a sweet shop you just couldnt pick them golf balls up quick enough.
It was ladies daily outing at a nearby course,and i think chatting about
this and that and where to eat had the better of them and golf was not the most important thing on there mind.

My goodness they were being hit all over the place it was like calloway,titleist,srixon falling from the skies at an alarming rate in to hedges and woodlands,but did they even bother to look for them sadly not.
There were some colours orbiting the skyline mid morning

And these will also have to be cleaned before we think of selling them.

Why can it not be ladies day everyday,they certainly make me smile when they hit the fairway,one lady even left a broken Dunlop Iron in the hedges after 8 attempts to get the ball to the green….poor lady must be suffering HRT or something but i hope she recovers and doesnt go home and treat her hubby to the same aggresion.


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