Tilly -Miss getting busy.

Golfers seem to be at last on the search for affordable golf balls,we have seen a vast improvement of enquiries.
We can save the golfer a lot of money in providing a huge choice of woodland recycled golf balls,basically the same ball you would pay a lot of money for in the golf shop the difference is our recycled golf ball has been retrieved from some very strange places,some landing far from the actual course,lots landing in our field and many more in the hedgerows and thorn bushes.
We can wash a ball to bring the life back to it,we can get a ball to shine like a brand new one,sadly there are some golf balls that are such poor quality they will never be of use to even a golf ball range.
We are also helping the environment by simply bringing the golf ball back in to play and reducing the need for new.

We are just releasing a advert for the vending machines this is to target pubs and clubs,golf courses and workplaces in our local community,to let outlets see what tilly-miss will offer.
Sweet vending : golf ball : condom vending : just some of the items we are now vending,all items are in seperate machines and located in the outlets appropriate to the item sold.
Quite a few of our outlets are selling far more than imagined the landlords are being paid a generous commission for allowing the machine some outlets gaining £50 per month others a lesser payment.

We have a lot of colour golf balls to clear, any offers on these

Today we have cleared Taylor-Made and Bridgestone golf balls they are on route to there destination through our safe Barcode service where buyers can track the progress of there orders making life easier for me and the buyer,it proves that we have posted and we can be trusted to deliver.

Finally we have huge quantities of Srixon : Nike : Titleist : Calloway : all in mint condition along with so many other brand name’s ready to be sold at affordable prices.


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