Tilly-Miss in the news.

My local golf course has the newspaper article which appeared in the Sun and Daily Mail displayed in the Pro Shop,thank you very much to the staff for allowing tilly the freedom to roam the outer course.

Today was quite good considering the recent weather,quite a few people around and some very bad golfers really struggling to hit a ball,a couple of old looking people were having a job to walk let alone play and the language from one particular person made me laugh,everything he said contained the “F Word” and i am not joking,this bloke must have been late 60s and boy could he use the F Word he couldnt get a sentance out without it,he sounded like a real old cockney geezer,naughty but very funny to hear him,god bless him.

The hoard of field balls just gets bigger and better,brand new top name balls laying freezing in the wet cold grass covered in god knows what but with a good wash they will sell.
No deer or rabitts for tilly today instead she was bringing me more colour balls from the hedgerow buried under leaves,one after another which is always good.
Met a lovely man who was in the wood with a metel detector,this bit of kit cost him £800 and has a menu on it that makes scanning a simple task,you can select what you want to look for :gold :silver:coins etc,last week he found a silver threepence coin valued £150 his friend recently found a gold cross that a museum now want to purchase for £15,000….i think i am in the wrong game !


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