What will be found in the woods?

Walking through the woods minding my own business when i came across a young childs bike laying disgarded in the hedgerow,my immediate reaction was OMG what is this,the woodland is dark and sometimes very spooky the further you go in and my immediate fear was the worst scenario.
I picked up the bike and moved it to a gate that would provide a safe resting place away from preying eyes,we then decided to walk the entire woodland in the hope of seeing someone but to no avail,it was mid afternoon and thoughts were going through my mind,after a complete circuit i returned to collect the bike and take it home with me for safe keeping,on my arrival home i told my wife of what had happened and should i call the police? i decided to wait until the morning and then i would post a few notices along the walk area.
This morning we arrived and there was a few letters pinned to trees asking if anyone had found a bike?????? what a relief to see the notice,i called the number and spoke to a man who gave me detailed info of the bike,he lived less than a minute away?
I told him i was very worried and i had contemplated calling the police due to fearing the woest scenario anyone could imagine,the man was really shocked that he had caused such distress and was very apologetic for his behaviour,he said i never realised the impact this would have? i said how do you leave a childs bike behind its like leaving the child,you would miss it?…but it ended happily ever after with the child re-united and for me a happy ending.

We carried our walk picking up lots of golf balls,lots of Ultra balls flying through the hedges in the last few days,we also had lovely Srixon balls brand new,tilly-miss had 7 in the space of 10 minutes which was good as she was still looking for the buried rabitt she put to rest only for the fox to find and takeaway in the early afternoon.


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