Keep the golf balls coming in.

It was great to be out in the woodlands today after being away during the weekend.
The mist was low laying and visibility was not great for the golfers enjoying there early game,but the course was busy and obviously these groups of golfers were not happy to have a layin in bed when the promise of good weather was due.
Tilly was as sharp as a knife this morning bringing me some ProV balls within minutes,then away on her own to do some hunting for rabitts,obviously this didnt take her to long as she returned with a huge bunny and licking her lips and a good wash of her face was enough to know it was a successful outing for her.
On the brighter side our field was loaded in all corners and areas of the field,fantastic Calloway…Titleist…Maxfli….Taylor-Made laying cold in the fields,so many one hit balls that are brand spanking new just deserted and forgotten?….the price of them from golf outlets? how is this justified?
Today we are washing and cleaning a huge selection of every known brand, i want to have a stockpile ready for when all the golfers start hunting cheap golf balls,hopefully we will grab some attention and start shifting what we have.


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