What make of ball would you choose.

We walk miles and miles daily to find the golf ball you the golfer loose,we collect from hedgerows and fields and woodlands to bring you the best recycled golf ball money will buy. Wash them clean them check each one for damage,it all takes valuable time and patience.

Here in the picture is just a few of what myself and tilly-miss retrieve on a daily basis,can you imagine sorting them in to brand names or even the prospect of having to wash and check each ball for visible signs of damage.
The recycled golf ball is as good as a new ball and we always sell our recycled golf balls cheaper than 95% than a golf shop will ever allow?
Why…because we do not have the overheads a golf shop has,we do not have to pay for a shop lease or employ staff it is just me and tilly the golf ball dog who have found a niche in the market and have worked hard in offering the golfing public excellant recycled golf balls at a price they can afford.
As times get hard and the economy is stretched golfers start to feel the pinch,how can a golfer afford to be paying the vast prices asked for a golf ball,have a look on Ebay and see the ridiculous prices for golf balls dont get me wrong some traders offer fantastic deals whilst others just loose themselves in over the top pricing.
We see an awful lot of lesser known brands finding there way on to courses Dunlop…Slazenger…Top=Flite…Commando…Black Diamond etc now being played,Do you remember the Commando in its heyday god help us if that was todays number 1 ball,but seriously you know when the economy is good as you will always pick up Calloway Titleist
Nike and Srixon which you can sell very easy apart from Nike that is because lots of my customers wont touch a Nike ball due to the ethics of the company and how they trade,but that is there belief and they have there right on choice.

Do we collect from the lakes : this is another question often asked and the honest answer i will give is No we do not touch them and i certainly wouldnt want my dog tilly going anywhere near water because her safety is paramount to me,the lake ball is no intrest to me at all we prefer the search and find method which has served us well and will continue to do so for a longtime to come.


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  1. What Ball Would You Choose. ? Tilly Golf Ball Retriever Dog | Golf Balls Reviews Says:

    […] Do we collect Lakes: is another frequently asked question and the honest answer I give is none we don’t touch and I certainly wouldn’t my dog tilly go anywhere near the River because its security is paramount for me, the Lake ball is no interest for me at all that we do prefer research and the find method that has served as well and will continue to do so for a long time to come. See What make of ball would you choose. ? Tilly the Golf Ball Retriever Dog. […]

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