Busy filling machines with golf balls & sweets.

It has to be the perfect combination all from the 2 in 1 machine, thats right a golf ball and a great range of sweets that will not only provide the golfer with a quality golf ball for £1 but a sweet rush to help his concentration in a vital game.

Its a busy day of filling machines and getting tilly-miss to a local course for more ball finding….how much can 1 man do in a day???????? don’t ask please…i have to walk tilly in the morning,the early afternoon,and the late evening on a course before darkness,in between all that it is the washing process of golf balls,wrapping and posting orders,answering email and updating our pages,answering phone calls….the job of 3 people…but worth every bit of my time.

I arrived at the horse riding stable this morning to find the machine empty,the children were delighted when i walked in with the refills there faces were a picture and the comments did not take long “yummy my favourite sweets” “ooh look at them sweets” “can i have one” just some of the comments,i bet that will be close to empty after tomorrow the kids love them.
We have 3 more local machines to fill this afternoon some of the pubs are going to be busy tonight with various things going on so we need to make sure there is enough to go round.

Hopefully then i will get a chance to get tilly-miss to the woodlands before dark.

Finally a big thank you to Lucy Laing at News Media for sending a DVD of tilly’s photo shoot we are very grateful for all the effort and publicity it has brought tilly-miss.


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