It has been busy.

Another day of the phone ringing,then i done a live interview with Talk Sport Radio which was very good. amazingly our web pages got well over 160+ hits during the interview,so if you are looking to do some advertising that has to be your radio where to spend your budget.
We walked long and hard today and tilly-miss is whacked out on my settee sleeping her head of and dreaming in her sleep no doubt about the big bunny rabitt that got away,she is yelping in her sleep every few minutes.
Thank You to Lucy who put the article together for the paper and to Garry who travelled a distance to take shots of tilly-miss on a horrid wet day last week also to everyone at 5 Live and Talk Sport it has been a very good few days and orders have started to filter through which is also nice.

Lots of Nike and again Calloway balls retrieved today adding to the huge selection we have in stock at this rate come the start of the golfing campaign we will have more than enough to last through the season…..and guess what????? my wife has found another 3 bags tucked away in the hall and would you believe it ? the moaning has started already and its not even golf season? what is a man supposed to do….goodnight all x


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