Look what we found (the broken golf club)

I told you yesterday of the sunday morning tantrum golfing loony let loose on the golf course,well here is the evidence.

A smashed in half wood that just got the better of his temper it seems
we come across it nestled in the grass late this afternoon…that will teach him not to get so excited over a game of golf,which obviously he has not got a clue about,he had all his xmas presents on and looked a real smart cookie even with his lovely coloured cravat,but what a temper on the man,just think what he would be like in road rage?…..enough of him for now,maybe i will keep my eye open for him in the future.

Found a nice ball which has travelled all the way from Cyprus (did u see it orbiting the earth at anytime?)

Colour balls are still being used,we found a few today and i am potting them in cans for a local pub in berkshire.

Been filling local pub machine today with more sweeties,the new flavours were most welcomed by the landlord and staff,who ate a couple of pots of Rolo’s as soon as they were shown them,Mark the landlord of the Garabaldi pub in Burnham was going mad because i had not put any skittles in the machine…they are my favourite sweet and you have not brought me anymore ! i cannot get it right it seems.
The horse stable was supposed to have been filled today but the owner has been busy on a project at work and couldnt meet as arranged…so hopefully tomorrow,cannot leave all them children without any sweeties and if my grandchildren come round there will be nothing left as they love them all….happy days.


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