The weekend golfers out in force.

Had some of the best entertainment and ache in pain after laughing so much today.
Lots of golfers out on course whacking great divots from the ground whilst trying to hit a ball,actually watched one particular person snap his club in half after attempting to hit the ball? 3 attempts and on the 4th shot that landed no further than you could throw a coin his temper finally exploded in to rage,shouting and swearing to himself he started jumping up and down like a poor child arriving only to find the sweet shop sadly CLOSED !!!! IT WAS HILARIOUS TO WATCH….his golf partner was bewildered by the tantrum and shouted something that then caused a mighty row between them both,which at this point looked rather nasty…but it calmed down and the situation was over for the time being.
But from our viewing points round the course there was lots of troubled golfers having problems missing there ball,churning up great divots at the tee….then it gets better…heard a conversation between a man and woman who seemed to be having an affair,but the ladies husband was also in the group and seemed totally unaware of what was going on,he really should not let his good looking wife go in to the woods with another man confessing to look for there golf ball? when it was aimed direct in to the woods?….you never know who might just be watching?…i wish i had taken my camera with me.
For all our efforts we returned some good balls and some very very bad balls,the ink markers are back in force splattering filthy wording and pictures to deface some good brand name balls,we also think of the person who was playing with Orange John Daly golf balls,he must of had a diabolical day? as we found 5 of them on just one strech of the course boundary,knowing the course very well and the amount we retrieve in colours it has to be the same poor soul having a bad sunday.
My thoughts go to the family in Brighton who lost a husband & father who was tragically swept out to sea after trying to rescue his 2 jack russell
dogs that went in to the sea only to end up in distress sadly the man tried in vain to get to one of his dogs and fell in his efforts,a very sad tale to read about and if i was in that position i would probably have done the same,the man cared for his dogs like he cared for his wife,the tragic part was his daiughter witnessed the event,one of the dogs survived and one was swept away not to be found,very sad and my thoughts have been on this most of the day.


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