Tilly enjoying her visit to the woods.

Blimey that was a cold morning,there was also a lite dusting of snow around the berkshire countryside as we made our short walk to the woodlands.

Tilly was eager as ever to get to the woods,her favourite hunting ground for squirrel,rabitt and deer,but sadly none to be seen.
So through the leaves she goes nose down and within minutes a lovely yellow titleist ball is tossed in the air and the antics began.

Surprised by the number of people golfing today and more surprised to stand watching the “Knee Tremblers” in action,please someone tell me what it is with these bloody idiots,get on and hit the flipping ball if that is at all possible, it really does get me wound up,there over the ball bending and shaking there arse not once but 5/6 times and then fluke the bloody shot so bad there golf pals have to stand there waiting while they do it all again…you just want to walk over and hit them with the club so the hip shaking and arse wiggling thing is done for a proper reason….pain and an ambulance to cart the irritating b******’s away.

Can you feel my pain ?????????????????????????????????????

Sweeties :

We all have a sweet tooth and here are some of our favourite sweeties that are selling very well in our machines.

Just a few of the sweet stuff selling very well,we will also be looking to add a new range of “Doggie Treats” in the coming year along with other items that i have to stay quiet about at the moment, can you imagine doggie treats in a can for all the dog lovers who frequent pubs and country walks etc….something i am looking forward to doing
under Tilly-Miss in the future along with a lot of other ideas.


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