Our search starts again.

Really expected to have closed shop for a while but the orders for golf balls keep coming through from all areas of the country.
Ebay trading is going great and also from our own site generating interest with old and new visitor numbers, very excited that we have had 31000 visits through this year so lets get busy and prepared for another year of fun.
Today we were checking the conditions on golf courses and in the process retrieved a handy 27 balls on a quick walkabout,lots of colours laying in hedges and tilly was quick to let me know when she had found one,she still gets very excited and performs her antics of throwing the ball and jumping everywhere,but never a tooth mark or damage no matter how far she will carry it.
So much stock and i have to go through it all for some Titleist NXT Tour balls and for Ice balls for a client who made contact through email,this will be done tomorrow morning.
Now the dreadful snow has left us we can access other sites and start collecting more for the start of the year,god almighty the wife is going to go mad as they are all over the place in bags and boxes,so i will have to think of somewhere new to stockpile them.
Just added this beauty found by tilly to Ebay
Out of interest just want to see if it has any value to any golfer its offered at just 0.99p starting bid so it will be interesting to see if there is any action on the item.


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