It is all happening at Tilly HQ

It has been a very busy day with lots of walking which has kept us both a bit healthier hopefully.
Quote arrived today for 50 Ice balls which i do not think i have in stock as these are not something we find to many of,but today we happened to strike lucky and found these few.

A couple of nice colours amongst them which were filthy dirty when tilly-miss pulled them from a hedgerow,but our magic was soon in action bringing a sparkle back to them all.
Just before dark i managed to get tilly-miss in action in the snow

That is a great picture of my best friend,tilly will go and pull a ball from anywhere.

Golfers Mints landed in my hand as a present over xmas and they are an ideal sweet to have in your pocket,never leave home without them

Order yours from

Look what arrived over the xmas

And to answer the question : will you run out of balls for the vending machines?….i dont think so

Just a few that are ready to go in machines…..but one last thing for you all,would you give your last one of these away? i bet you wouldnt

Its surprising what we put in a can for you!


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