Before darkness we collected 46 Calloway/Nike/Titleist Balls.

Everyday we go out for the last walk for tilly-miss to a local course,so in the motor we head to Maidenhead as i had previously met a gentleman of very high standing in the community who actually lives near enough on the course,his huge garden backs on to the course and he granted me permission to park my car at his house and walk through his garden, i will show you a good couple of areas where the haul will be very worthwhile,and how he proved to be correct.
There was a mass of lovely white balls just laying in the wet grass,these were quality golf balls ProV’s and Calloway and many Pinnacle Gold amongst the lot we scooped as fast as we could, it was just a shame the dense fog and darkness had stopped us so soon,my new friend told me its money money money out here and only the best balls,i had to question him on that remark having found Ultra and Nike which i am told are just practice balls for bored players, if i had not chatted for so long we could have had 100 balls but there is always tomorrow?


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