Wishing you all a very happy xmas and new year.

Have been busy shopping today for some presents for my lovely wife,just a few things that have been mentioned to friends whilst i am in the room,ladies have a great way of letting you know the important things they want and yes i brought her all the mentioned presents and more.
The trouble is what do you go and buy a woman you have spent more than half your life with? over the years i have brought loads of jewellery and clothes and perfume….but today there are lots of other things that will make her jump out of her bed and for once be happy..(i am hoping can this ever happen) after all a woman is woman through and through and not a lot stops them from moaning daily,come on guys tell me it differant if you can !
Anyway last night i had a few beers and the night before that so i am sitting in and doing the prep for our xmas day with family,my turkey is in the oven on slow cook and later i will prepare the veg ready for tomorrow, i just finished wrapping all her presents and i brought her a great big card and that is done,we are going to midnight mass this evening in our local church where we will enjoy the service and the company of local villagers.
Tomorrow my grandchildren are visiting at 10 in the morning as they are away with family and i have to cook a dinner for family visiting so busy times.
Thank You all for supporting tilly through the year, it has been fascinating at the number of hits to the site daily,we appreciate you all and big thanks go to Mitch at the Thatchers Arms in Mount Bures in Essex home to x factor winner Matt Cardle who actually plays at the pub….Big thanks to Alex at Camera Culture in Manchester…Danny at the Vine Pub Maidenhead…Karla & John who run pubs in Eton…Mark in Burnham…Sue in Cotswold’s…Rod at british legion…and all my golfing buddies who have supported tilly-miss i could go on thanking lots more people,you know who you all are and what you mean to us.
From Facebook to Twitter to my family and friends have a lovely xmas and new year.


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