Cover yourself when posting items.

Make sure you cover yourself properly with royal mail when sending items. I was always happy to post and think that will get there ! how wrong that turned out,so i started using the sign for on delivery service which you would think covers the lot and no worries ! how wrong you can be !!!! royal mail keeps no records of your item on this service and its down to you to prove otherwise (more hassle and excuse than its worth)
So there is another service i have been told that for an extra few quid you can use : The delivery man/women has to sign for that item and it is there responsibility to get it delivered…it is down to them.
Why am i annoyed the reason being a customer on Ebay said the golf balls never arrived : i sent her receipt of posting and gave her a full refund of money whilst she waited for the order : pay me when they arrive? can i be fairer than that : the person then decides to put the worst feedback on ebay which has annoyed me and spoilt my reputation, what annoys me more than anything i only had a mail from her 2 days ago saying the parcel has not arrived, what a spiteful person.
I have done everything i can and i am still waiting for royal mail to settle my costs.
Be careful and use the other service, it might cost more but it will stop the thieving posties having more presents than santa.


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