Golf course empty of golf balls.

Again it dawns on me that the season has come to its end, the weather getting worse and people not braving the courses anymore,so after a good walk round and only managed to find a couple of balls i will close shop until the new year.

I have plenty of things to keep me going and to keep my mind active over the next few weeks,on saturday i am taking my 3 grandchildren to a xmas party which should be very interesting as my little girl amongst them gets very scared of the man in red and always tells me he is a naughty man grandad.

I have a phone that i cannot get to grips with,i upgraded to a new phone after struggling along for years with my old one,the worst mistake i have ever made…getting used to the Wildfire model is causing me stress, i try uploading to facebook and twitter pictures i have taken but they keep failing ? what am i doing wrong ?

New sweet range arrived and going in machines from today, the quicker we get them in the better as the kids break from school on friday.

Thank you all for keeping updated on tilly-miss some days we are hitting 600 viewers a day who read her antics and capers,we really do appreciate your visits.
And to all the golfers in the uk..spain..france..ireland..who have purchased our woodland golf balls a massive thank you.
We hope to offer more in the new year ahead and wish you all a fantastic xmas and new year,just one final thought to you all….with bad weather and cold setting in please keep a watch on your neighbours….it only takes a few minutes and that time could make a lot of difference to the old and frail.


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