Srixon golf balls and lots of them.

Visited a course that we had not been to for a long time and well worth the visit there was an awful lot of golf balls in the hedgerows and scattered on the floor, i am hoping santa brings me some nice leather gloves as the prickles are so sharp and the thorns rip you to pieces trying to get them perched high in the bushes, its alright for tilly as she has no problem roaming through undergrowth,but for me my back is cut my jacket torn and to top it all those golf balls are freezing cold…we must be stark raving bonkers ! do you know anyone else who does this day in day out, if so let me know we could possibly meet and have a beer or 10.
There was the usual rubbish floating round : Precept : Top-Flite…along with other unheard of crap,but i take them all home and checkout various makes, if they are well spoken then i keep them, if they are not recommended by readers …Bin them as simple as that.
The Srixon were in great shape except 1 ball missing the logo on one side and looking tatty,so tilly carried this all the way home to the bin and dropped it there….and not a tooth mark insight.

This course we visited was deserted except for the heavy mist and a few seagulls,the clubhouse had all there staff waiting for god knows what,the kitchen staff were stood outside freezing while trying to smoke, wages have to be paid? how do they survive times like this, its not as though they can put all there membership subscriptions in to a bank account and live of great interest rates because its not there anymore…for some it must be worrying times.


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