Perfect weather brings out lots of golfers.

A clear head and an early start today, recovery from a mammoth drinking session had taken its toll,but with the help of Red Bull and yoghurt it seemed like distant memories ? until the next time,which could be sooner than later, ooh i do like pub time and nothing better than a good pint or 10 of John Smith’s then a few lagers and a couple or more jack daniel’s to finish the evening.
Anyway what perfect weather today and it was nice to see many golfers taking advantage and getting on to a course.
We visited 3 courses today and each of them was busy,lots of 4 ball groups in action along with an enviable amount of ladies doing there bit in keeping healthy.
We struggled with ball numbers,maybe in these times golfers are going in and looking for there ball instead of paying quite excessive pro shop prices and who can blame them,they really should add this machine to golf outlets.

I am delighted at the response from the horse riding stable, who have sold out of our sweet range,i was told the children appear with there £1 coins and adore the sweets on offer, a new range of products land on my door tuesday and i will refill the machine so the kids have some great sweets to enjoy,i am sure they will love the 5 flavour bon-bons the new rolo mini packs,the rowntree fruit pastilles and the fried eggs.

There are also 5 possible new outlets for tilly-miss have to go and let pubs see the machine’s, some are under the impression they are great big horrible machines,so just to let them know they are not i will let them look at them first.

Lots to do and much to catchup on, so enjoy your evening and get voting for Matt Cardle on X factor….Matt performs at the Thatchers Arms in Mount Bures in Essex and i have a machine sited there,so pop along you just might see the lad if not then Mitch will give you a warm welcome to this fabulous country pub.


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