We are hitting high numbers at last.

Keep walking and searching that is what we do day in day out, the last few weeks weather had convinced me that it was the end of the golf season but how wrong was i the courses we visit have been as busy as ever.
28 groups of golfers were out for there big day and it was a course full of laughter and banter coming from all areas, golf balls were landing in the strangest places, there was shouts of have you found my ball mate, does the dog find a golf ball, you should teach the dog to find a ball : lots of people unaware of what tilly does and i leave them all guessing.
What do you think of this ball

This week has seen about 260 newly retrieved golf balls arrive and they have to be sorted out, lets get rid of the rubbish first and foremost, if its old and tatty, covered in ink markings its in the bin end of story not wasting time trying to restore it.
I must say this weeks arrivals seem to be dominated by Calloway a clear winner by a mile second spot to Srixon followed by Titleist and surprise QUADRA ball by Dunlop making noticeable prescence here in the south.
Furthest travelled ball is a Pinnacle all the way from Australia which has a weird logo which i might need to look at more clearly.


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