We rescued 16 golf balls freezing cold.

Walked round the outer course and rescued 16 freezing cold golf balls just before dark.
There they were sitting helpless in the very icy wet grass waiting for someone to pck them up, luckly for these beauties that consisted of ProV1 and Maxfli along with Nike and Wilson Staff we were there to help.
Picking the frozen golf balls covered in mud and ice was happiness in itself for me, they were chilled to exploding so i had to be careful on the treatment i gave them.
They have thawed out to room tempreture and will remain this way until the morning,then they will be plummeted straight in to a basin of
tepid water and a cocktail of this and that to bring life back to the parts that need it…the core of the ball…and then of course the outer coat must be nice and clean, you wouldnt leave home looking scruffy,so the outer case will be washed by hand to gleam as good as new and the core of the ball refreshed to its original state….not a ball wasted and now they can be added to the pile for selling.
These golf balls were so cold they would have broken clean in half had they been played….waste not want not….saving the planet just gets easier…


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