Titleist Balls / Daily Info.

Myself and tilly-miss re-united again after my travel to Norway, great to be back home after a very busy few days.
In the UK there are far more problems than there is in Norway with the weather,the gritters were out in norway at a much higher rate than you see in the uk,working 3 gritters on each highway following each other providing adequate grit to the highway,no traffic holdups and no delays, the snow only fell quite hard in various places with Sweden looking like a picture postcard.
We braved the cold snapping winds and headed to a course,great selection of peoples favourite golf ball Titleist were retrieved this morning mainly NXT Tour and Extreme, PTS Carry was also evident and made a nice change to see this ball in action.
Orders were placed online waiting for my return home,it is very nice to know that people return frequently to buy our woodland range of ball and we certainly appreciate all custom for tilly-miss, we have some very loyal return business from golfers who have become good friends and not just a customer.
Tilly-Miss is due a visit to get her booster and we need more protection for tilly against all the bugs and stuff so a application of “Stronghold” will be applied giving tilly all she needs against any fleas way in to the new year,its expensive stuff but the best money will buy,total protection guaranteed.
Sweet samples from a large company arrived and what a selection,i have to stop sampling these or i will need to start running to get back in shape,they are delicious and i look forward to placing orders.
Have a trip to Essex to complete this weekend 50 – 60 ProV Balls have to be added to our machine,hopefully these beauties will fly out at £1 per ball…where else would you buy ProV Balls at £1
So still things to be done and a cup of tea waiting,a walk on another course before dark will be good news for tilly-miss who is at this moment sleeping on my feet,very crafty dog,if i move she is there and waiting.


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