What happens when you play a cheap or lake ball.

Times get hard for nearly everyone at some stage in life,only the lucky ones born with the golden spoon in there big mouths manage to escape life pressures.
Playing the game of golf is a costly business and beyond the reach of many people if the truth really is known,the cost of setting up with all the “has to have toys” will cost a fortune and will finally be absorbed in the quality of ball you choose.
Everyday i see people walking courses dressed in the best of golf wear
pulling huge brand name golf bags,many have electric trolleys and enviable sets of clubs,but they look lost in a big field,watch them hit a ball,clueless its like going to a swinging jive dance,hips shaking legs trembling and body as stiff as what lays in a coffin,its seriously quite sad in all honesty,when they actually hit the ball which is about 3 minutes after there wiggle and shake the ball goes actually slips a few feet or takes of in the wrong direction.
Getting back to using a ball,this looks quite like a decent ball

Until we look closer at the other half

Then we see the maker of this

We can presume this is a rubbish ball being sold cheap or possibly a ball that has been weakened by the hazards of water,otherwise known as a lake ball.
This what happens the water weakens the core and soon enough you will have the exploding joke ball for all your friends to witness.
4 of these balls all Dunlop have been retrieved today,each one split in half ? obvious reason to be concerned,the green keepers have not been out mowing so we can forget that theory,my thoughts would be a freezing water laid ball being walloped was to much for the weakened core.
So please golfers just use your imagination and buy decent golf balls,in the longterm it will improve your game,but not so sure about your dancing lesson.
PS….I am going to video some of these golfers and make a short film of there hip shaking…stay tuned.


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