So cold on a golf course.

Freezing cold this morning i was wrapped up with fleece and overcoat and scarf not forgetting my russian hat that certainly done the trick,but my legs and feet were freezing.
The course had about 5 groups playing and who could blame all the stay away golfers,the bitter winds that blew were very strong and sharp,all the hedgerows have been stripped of any leaves,the woodlands look bare and we have only just started the cold snap.
We managed to find quite a few Nike balls thanks to the strong wind blowing the leaves, tilly-miss was very happy to find 7 mixed name balls with her usual routine of jumping and rolling round with her favourite play toy,but carry on regardless there is still a lot of great balls still to be found.

Changes in postal conditions are now in place :
With immediate effect all golf ball orders will now be tracked,everyone will now have to sign for there orders,if you are not at home when delivery is made a card will be left asking you to contact royal mail,you will be able to arrange another delivery or you can go direct and collect from the main sorting office.
We have implemented these changes due to orders not arriving at destinations,so this way i can guarantee postage has been sent with issue of a tracking number to all buyers,it also covers me for loss of goods when this happens,protecting both parties is a better priority and can pinpoint any abuse to one party only…honesty and civility cost nothing and we prefer a honest policy of trading.


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