They are back in there droves ? Top-Flite Golf Balls.

Goodness gracious i cannot believe that so many of these are being brought,is this a sign that things are getting somewhat drastic on golf courses. 3 courses visited and a pile of these horrid golf balls has been collected to add to the huge stash we already have,and guess what you cannot even clear them on Ebay,nobody wants them.
It seems that golfers are making drastic cuts,we have never had the misfortune of collecting so many in a short space.
I will donate these Top~*hit balls to the local charity shops,hopefully they will get some money for them,knowing them they will sell at a higher price than a golf shop would? have you seen the prices of the stuff in them charity shops? what world do they live in for gods sake,but i forgot about all the hangers on bleeding money for themselves and give nothing to there volunteers,and we call this charity !
My russian hat was worth buying it seems with the cold weather soon to arrive,i must get tilly’s nice coat ready just in case things get to bad but unlikely as she is a dog that likes nothing to be in the way of slowing her down in hunting her prey,we just returned and she had a big fat bunny rabitt so big she could hardly carry the thing,but she trotted away and buried it somewhere in the woods.
Vending machines doing ok so far and i will be adding some fantastic new products from big name’s very soon.
I am heading to Oslo for a few days then home for a while, i hope the weather is not as bad as i am hearing,last year was really bad and i know what to expect,the snow clearance is something you have to witness,it is done with precise planning using state of the art machinary a willing workforce and the army to keep things moving,and it works very well.
Now to get more golf balls washed and posted….what a lovely task…


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