Back from Moscow.

Back home to some horrible weather and looking forward to a good walk on a golf course tomorrow.
Tilly was delighted that i arrived home and her greeting was most welcomed at least someone missed me.
Lots of things to be sorted out tomorrow but i need to have a good nights sleep before doing anything.
Just as i arrived home my grandchildren arrived,it was so nice to see the smiles on there faces,and we had some good fun playing games before i collapsed in a heap….they wore me out…
The first snow arrived last week in St Petersbourg making driving conditions quite scary,but we pulled through and enjoyed some really good hospitality,great city worth a visit with some mind blowing shopping to be done,the quality of clothing being exceptional value along with some great bargains on Russian Dolls that are very good collectors items for many people.
I will add some pictures very soon,then we start the golf ball searching
in the cold tomorrow fresh as a daisy i hope.


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