This golf vending machine could have your logo on it.

Your own golf course logo ball in a can

Complete with a range of mouth watering sweets in handy to carry containers.

A wide selection of top name brands are available,you will not have to worry either about sell by dates on any of the products as they have a shelf life exceeding 3 years in the specially made container that is guaranteed and supported by the supplier.

Our specially adapted machine will sit in any area of your club it can be wall mounted,sit on your bar area or we can supply a floor stand that the machine will sit comfortable on.

During 18 holes of golf players will get a little hungry and our sweet range is there to fill the gaps,all the machines are new and once we have them sited in position they will come in to there own on a daily basis.
The machines are modern and look very neat and tidy,they do not use any electric so very eco friendly in todays terms,simply choose your selection insert your £1 coin turn the handle and hey presto your chosen can is delivered.
We can supply machines and sweets to any area of the UK..Wales..Scotland..Ireland…Southern Ireland…postage and packing charges will apply.
All machines that are purchased outright come with a full 2 year warranty.


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