Where shall we search tomorrow for Golf Balls.

Cannot make my mind up at the moment of where to take tilly-miss,hopefully the weather should be quite good and i feel we should get out and head to somewhere new.
A couple of courses have been mentioned in and round the Oxford area that might be of interest to us,i think it is important for tilly-miss to venture on new ground to keep her instincts fresh and alert or we might head over near Windsor and try our luck there,but the main worry for me is that the main road through to the centre of town might be a problem should tilly start a chase with bugs bunny or santa’s trusted friend the deer.
We like to be in the woodlands areas away from traffic and hoardes of people getting to work and all the noise and pollution,give us the peace and quiet of woodlands where tilly is free to roam at her own leisure.
In the morning i will do a search on my new tomtom sat nav,what a lovely new bit of kit,this new model is ultra thin with a glass screen and magnetic holder for the window fix,loaded with loads of stuff and points of interest,so a search for golf courses through Goggle should give us a wide choice.
Again we have more orders arriving tonight in my mailbox and we also have lots on Ebay so if you want to see how good our golf balls really are login and bid your heart away.
We have a great system in place and we will make them dirty golf balls clean as new,we are now starting to remove ink marks that so many golfers like to mark?….how hard is it to forget your name…? or your ball..? but we are getting very close to finding the solution to the thing that annoys me more than ever…marking a ball..watch this space…

Good night to you all from the one and only…sweet dreams.


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