Another day over.

After a few to many the night before i was up and ready to hit the highway with constant companion tilly-miss,we headed to a local course on a lovely morning that saw the sun shining and a course filled with many golfers taking advantage of probably the last few sunny days.
Deer were evident from the moment we walked in, a huge Stag was standing and starring at us for a minute or two before making his way through a tirade of blackberry bushes,those animals must have some really thick coats and skin to withstand such pain.
We were then joined by another 2 deer who i have named Mr & Mrs as they are always together in any area,they both seem very nervous and will bolt at the slightest movement,tilly took up there scent and was away at the speed of sound doing her best to try and track them,there was no chance the deer had bolted in to the very thick copse of bramble bushes which made life very hard for tilly-miss.
We managed a measly 16 balls before breakfast and made our way back home as i had to get more ball orders washed and processed for buyers,the long process started with sorting out the balls,checking each one for damage and then finally to the wash tub to soak in our own formula before the real cleaning and the bit i hate doing starts,but this time i was presented with a pair of rubber gloves from my wife? what is she telling me? since when has she ever bothered to give me anything,but bless her the gloves done the trick and the wash was complete….lovely shining balls.

Anyone for some Yellow balls : these are available if anyone wants to bid or send me your best offer + postage.

Not sure how many are in the bag but lots of name brands which will be washed.
We have seen interest grow very quickly in our golf ball service,maybe people like what we offer in recycled golf balls,do not know many others doing there bit for the recycle campaign.
Also vending machines topped up and good returns being shown,but i am still not completley happy with some of the locations and will look to make changes very very soon.


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